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Slift - Ummon 2LP

Slift - Ummon 2LP

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Heaviness, riffs, psychedelic, science-fiction... Slift’s progressive sound is a colourful and legendary journey to the edge of kraut and stoner rock. From the many shows performed across Europe - sharing the stage with Jon Spencer, Ty Segall or Bo Ningen - to the KEXP session (December 2019 during Les Trans Musicales), the French trio launched an outstanding astral adventure.

In February 2020, Slift released a space odyssey about Titans: "Ummon".

Delivered through Vicious Circle Records (France) and Stolen Body Records (UK), the double LP is a powerful blend of glorious psych and doom prog, that highlights heavy and saturated guitars, huge bass vibrations escaping from the Minas Morgül's dungeons and Nostromo’s drums travelling at the speed of light.


1. Ummon
2. It's Coming...
3. Thousand Helmets of Gold
4. Citadel on a Satellite
5. Hyperion
6. Altitude Lake
7. Sonar
8. Dark Was Space, Cold Were the Stars
9. Aurore aux Confins
10. Sơn Đông's Cavern
11. Lions, Tigers and Bears

About this product: this is pressed on 2x standard black vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve.