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Satan Takes A Holiday - Satanism CD

Satan Takes A Holiday - Satanism CD

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A spectacular addition to Satan Takes A Holiday's impressive back catalogue, "Satanism" is the band's most upfront and arresting album to date, dealing with topics of grief, sleepless nights, parenting, violent confrontations and final showdowns while inviting you to dance, riot and reflect.

It is quite simply, Satan Takes a Holiday distilled into their purest form, making for one hell of a soundtrack.

The new album sees the likes of artists Emmon, (Patrik) Von Arfve, Andreas Hourdakis and David Park jump on board and join Satan Takes A Holiday on this crazy new trip. The Swedish stalwarts headed into the revered Studio Ingrid with Johan Gustafson (The Hives, Randy) and long-time collaborator Alexander Idfalk to reignite the flames behind their mix of rock'n'roll and 60's garage with their love for dark contemporary pop.


1. Follow Me to the Desert
2. All Nighter [feat. Emmon and Andreas Hourdakis]
3. Feel My Love
5. Sky and Me
6. You You You You
7. No Friends in High Places
8. The Sound I Like
9. Make a Boy Make a Man
10. Traps!
11. I am Become
12. Island is Man [feat. Von Arve]

About this product: this CD is housed in a digipack.