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Arthur Russell - Calling Out Of Context 2LP

Arthur Russell - Calling Out Of Context 2LP

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The material here was derived from an album from 1985 called "Corn" and an album "A.R." recorded for Rough Trade between 1986 and 1990. Both albums were never released. You'll find a unique mix of pieces with just Arthur singing and playing his Cello to more leftfield rock / pop oriented tracks with a surprising use of drum machines. Also, the last track Calling All Kids is a Walter Gibbons mix apparently.

According to the liner notes Arthur left an archive of over 1000 tapes and as much pages of lyrics with lots of different / alternate takes on material released as 24-24 Music, Dinosaur L, Indian Ocean, Loose Joints etc. A must have for any Arthur Russel 'collector' or just good-music lovers in general.

Now finally available again on double vinyl.


1. The Deer in the Forest Part 1
2. The Platform on the Ocean
3. You and Me Both
4. Calling Out of Context
5. Arm Around You
6. That's Us / Wild Combination
7. Make 1, 2
8. Hop on Down
9. Get Around to It
10. I Like You!
11. You Can Make Me Feel Bad
12. Calling All Kids

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 2x black vinyl.