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Robohands - Shapes LP

Robohands - Shapes LP

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"Shapes" is the third album from London-based multi-instrumentalist Robohands, fusing elements of jazz, krautrock, hip hop and ambient music. 

"Shapes" is inspired by 1970s library music and their legendary composers including Piero Umiliani, David Axelrod, Brian Bennett and co.

The album builds on these influences and incorporates modern motifs, contemporary jazz/hip hop drumming styles with a nod to 1990s Mo Wax artists such as DJ Shadow. The theme for the record is future/nostalgia, mixing vintage and modern instruments and production techniques.

For fans of Khruangbin, Yusef Dayes, Can, Coltrane and 70s library music moods.


1. We're from Nowhere
2. Leaves
3. Odysea
4. Outsider
5. Ikigai
6. Perception
7. Villains
8. Gabor
9. Stay Free

About this product: this reissue is pressed on blue vinyl.