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Ben Watt - Storm Shelter 12"

Ben Watt - Storm Shelter 12"

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"Storm Shelter" is a 6-track companion piece to his acclaimed 2020 studio album "Storm Damage".

The mini-album, recorded during rehearsals for the Storm Damage Tour in January 2020, is a stripped-back piano-and-vocals set that was due for release during Watt’s world tour last year before it was held up by pandemic-related postponements and the ultimate cancellation of all his shows.


1. That's the Way Love Is
2. Balanced on a Wire (Storm Shelter Version)
3. Winter's Eve (Storm Shelter Version)
4. Comeback Kid
5. Summer Ghosts (Storm Shelter Version)
6. Sunlight Follows the Night (Storm Shelter Version)

About this product: this is the RSD Black Friday '21 release pressed on 12" black vinyl. Limited pressing of 2000 copies.