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Doug Carn - Adams Apple LP

Doug Carn - Adams Apple LP

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Doug Carn made four records for the Black Jazz label, more than any other artist, and each one topped the previous release's lofty standard. "Adams Apple" was his last (1974) album for the label, representing the final note in his staggeringly creative crescendo. It was also the first record without Jean Carn, but Carn and crew (John Conner and Joyce Greene) don't miss a beat on the vocals.

And the band is absolutely sick, featuring reedman Ronnie Laws and fellow Black Jazz recording artist Calvin Keys on guitar, and led by Carn's increasingly electronic forays on various keyboards. The result is a record that brings to mind Herbie Hancock's Headhunters, electric Miles, maybe even Earth, Wind, and Fire (Carn covers EW&F's Mighty Mighty), but all overlaid with an uplifting gospel vibe.

To quote Pat Thomas' liner notes (which feature extensive quotes from Doug Carn himself), "Adams Apple" is more energetic, funky, and futuristic than Carn's earlier Black Jazz work. In short, sublime.


1. Chant
2. Higher Ground
3. Sweet Season
4. Sanctuary
5. Mighty Mighty
6. The Messenger
7. Adam’s Apple
8. To a Wild Rose