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Bill Loose - Russ Meyer's Vixen O.S.T. LP

Bill Loose - Russ Meyer's Vixen O.S.T. LP

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The first film to get an "X" for its sex scenes meets its musical match with composer Loose's score, which seamlessly sets the scene whether erotic, humorous, satirical or just plain silly.

Violet vinyl edition limited to just 300 copies!


1. Theme of The Vixen (Main Title)
2. Niles Threatens Vixen
3. Janet's Theme
4. O'Banion's Theme
5. Vixen Gets Excited
6. Canadian Romp
7. O'Banion Spins His Web
8. In a Blue Mood
9. Niles Confronts Vixen
10. Conversation Piece
11. Vixen's Dilemma (End Title)

About this product: this reissue is pressed on violet vinyl.