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Oasis - Knebworth 1996 2CD/BLU-RAY/2CD+DVD/3LP

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This year marks 25 years since Oasis’ two iconic record breaking live concerts at Knebworth Park in Hertfordshire on the 10th and 11th August 1996. The shows were both the pinnacle of the band’s success and a landmark gathering for a generation of young people.

Released alongside the cinema debut of the feature length documentary film of the event, "Knebworth 1996" is the definitive live recording featuring a setlist packed with stone cold classics album taken from across both nights of the concert, from the opening salvoes of Columbia and Acquiesce, to Champagne Supernova, Don’t Look Back in Anger, Live Forever, an orchestra-backed I Am the Walrus, and Wonderwall, the first song from the 1990’s to reach over one billion streams on Spotify and a universally loved anthem.

The DVD and Blu-ray formats feature "Oasis Knebworth 1996" - the eagerly anticipated feature length documentary telling the story of the special relationship between Oasis and their fans that made the largest concert of the ‘90’s possible, directed by Grammy Award-winner Jake Scott. It is told entirely in the moment through the eyes of the fans who were there, built around extensive and never before seen archive concert and backstage footage from the event, with additional interviews with the band and concert organisers. Both formats also include the full concerts from both nights edited by Dick Carruthers with audio mixed by Will Shapland in Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

About this product: this is available in 2CD, BLU-RAY, 2CD+DVD and 3LP formats.

The 2CD comes in a digipak.

The 2CD/DVD is a special edition 2CD of the live album and includes a DVD of the feature length film.

The 3LP is pressed on black heavyweight vinyl, housed in triple gatefold sleeve.

The BLU-RAY is a single disc including the feature length cinema film, plus Saturday and Sunday nights of concert.

The 3LP is pressed on black heavyweight vinyl, housed in triple gatefold sleeve.