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Rival Schools - United By Fate 2LP

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The deluxe edition of Rival Schools’ classic debut album "United By Fate" commemorates the 20th anniversary of the record’s release housed in a full colour hardcover 12x12 book containing never before seen personal photos and handwritten lyrics.

The vinyl includes a repressing of the original album along with a second disc which contains the official "United By Fate" b-sides, the four Rival Schools tracks from the 2001 Some Records split Rival Schools United By Onelinedrawing (previously unreleased on vinyl), and a never before heard acoustic version of the song Holding Sand performed by Walter in Berlin.


1. Travel by Telephone
2. Everything Has Its Point
3. High Acetate
4. Undercovers On
5. Good Things
6. Used for Glue
7. World Invitational
8. The Switch
9. Holding Stand
10. My Echo
11. Favorite Star
12. So Down On
13. Hooligans for Life
14. Sweet
15. Get Centered
16. Grunge Model
17. Accept a Compliment
18. On Vacations
19. Green is Good
20. Take One for the Team
21. Where I'm From
22. Contaire
23. Holding Sand (Acoustic)

About this product: this is the RSD Black Friday '22 reissue on 2x clear blue vinyl, housed in a 12" x 12", 64-page hardcover photo book.