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Electric Wizard - Dopethrone LP - Tangled Parrot

Electric Wizard - Dopethrone LP

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While 'third time lucky' might be the case for some things, it wasn't quite that for Electric Wizard: they already had a cult following with the previous album "Come My Fanatics...", but it was "Dopethrone" that cemented their throne in doom metal.

Although there is clear Black Sabbath worship (even the band's name is two Sabbath songs!), the Wizard cover it in fuzzed-out filth and pure angst. It was here that they reached their pinnacle in songwriting for a lot of people with a consistent slew of memorable grooves and murderous chants. It's basically the equivalent of an occult horror film in sonic form.

Vital listening for any doom/sludge fan.


1. Vinum Sabbathi
2. Funeralopolis
3. Weird Tales (i. Electric Frost, ii. Golgotha, iii. Altar of Melektaus)
4. Barbarian
5. I, The Witchfinder
6. The Hills Have Eyes
7. We Hate You
8. Dopethrone
9. Mind Transferral

About this product: this is a reissue.