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Buzzcocks ‎- Singles Going Steady CD

Buzzcocks ‎- Singles Going Steady CD

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1. Orgasm Addict
2. What do I Get?
3. I Don't Mind
4. Love You More
5. Ever Fallen in Love?
6. Promises
7. Everybody's Happy Nowadays
8. Harmony in My Head
9. What Ever Happened To?
10. Oh Shit!
11. Autonomy
12. Noise Annoys
13. Just Lust
14. Lipstick
15. Why Can't I Touch It?
16. Something's Gone Wrong Again

About this product: this is the 2019 CD reissue in 'mini-LP replica' packaging, the disc sitting inside a rounded-corner inner sleeve.

Features a 36-page glossy colour booklet (with a spine) which includes 11 pages of liner notes and images of the front and back covers of all eight UK 7" singles.