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Quiet Marauder - Tiny Men Parts EP

Quiet Marauder - Tiny Men Parts EP

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Seven years on from its initial release, Cardiff-based Quiet Marauder unleash a contemporary reimagining of their record-baiting, format-stretching debut album "Men". Cut back from its original guise of 111 tracks and nearly five hours, its sister EP, "Tiny Men Parts", clocks in at a much more manageable nine songs (and just over 25 minutes).

Tiny Men Parts is a celebration of Quiet Marauder’s live band over the last few years, stepping away from the lo-fi, bedroom aesthetic of their debut and embracing the bombastic rock conjured by the group as a whole.

Naturally, these tracks and the EP as a whole, share the same thematic and lyrical concerns of its longer predecessor; a study in the darkness of toxic masculinity, lad banter and the insidiousness of gender inequality.


1. The Business Deal
2. I Want a Moustache, Dammit
3. Roda and the Bunker
4. It Wasn't Me, it was the Moon
5. The Internal Monologue Date
6. Lucky Tonight
7. The Animals are Spying on Me
8. Eggs!
9. I Want a Moustache, Dammit (Dance Version)

About this product: this is pressed on 12" vinyl.