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Tena Stelin & Sound Iration - Wicked Invention LP

Tena Stelin & Sound Iration - Wicked Invention LP

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Tena Stelin’s "Wicked Invention" is one of the most highly-sought UK digital roots reggae vocal albums, produced by Sound Iration (Nick Manasseh and Scruff), essentially, this is the vocal version of the classic dub album Sound Iration in Dub.

This vocal set, like the vocal counterpart was released on Wau! Mr Modo in 1989. Features the sound system belters Orthodox Music, Jah Equity and the title track.


1. Jah Powers
2. His Majesty
3. Orthodox Music
4. Stop Your Lying
5. Stand Firm
6. Leave I Alone
7. Political Confusion
8. Part 2
9. Jah Equity
10. Wicked Invention

About this product: this reissue is pressed on black vinyl. Limited pressing of 500 copies.