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Daniel Avery - Together In Static LP

Daniel Avery - Together In Static LP

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With his now sold out seated and socially-distanced live show "Together In Static" set to take place at London’s recently restored Hackney Church on 29th May across two sittings, matinee and evening, Daniel Avery announces an 11-track album of the same name, comprised of music created exclusively for the performance and released via Phantasy.

"Together In Static" comes almost a year to the day after Avery’s surprise third studio album "Love + Light", released last June in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Where his previous record was hailed by NME as "a heartfelt eulogy for the hedonism we’re missing this summer,” hope and expectation course through the new album.


1. Crystal Eyes
2. Yesterday Faded
3. Nowhere Sound
4. The Pursuit of Joy
5. Fountain of Peace
6. Together in Static
7. A Life That is Your Own
8. Hazel and Gold
9. [hope comes in many forms]
10. Endless Hours
11. The Midnight Sun

About this product: this is pressed on black vinyl.