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Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini - Illusion Of Time LP

Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini - Illusion Of Time LP

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Renowned UK producer Daniel Avery and acclaimed experimental musician and Nine Inch Nails synth artist Alessandro Cortini release their debut full-length collaboration, "Illusion of Time", on Phantasy.

Beginning as a collaborative experiment before the pair had even met, Avery and Cortini then worked remotely and free of concept or deadline over several years. The result, finally completed when both artists were touring with Nine Inch Nails in 2018, is a quietly powerful album rooted in trust, process and experimentation.

The first fruits of their labour were unveiled last year when Water and Sun appeared online, subsequently released as a very limited 7” run that was sold at FYF Festival and Mount Analog in Los Angeles, and Phonica Records in London.


1. Sun
2. Illusion of Time
3. CC Pad
4. Space Channel
5. Inside the Ruins
6. At First Sight
7. Interrupted by the Cloud of Light
8. Enter Exit
9. Water
10. Stills

About this product: this is the Love Record Stores edition pressed on clear blue vinyl.