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José González - In Our Nature LP

José González - In Our Nature LP

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Names like Elliott Smith, Nick Drake and Tim Buckley are often used together, not necessarily to describe one exact sonic style of singer, but more as incredibly passionate verbs, to identify the strong emotions evoked when listening to these late legends' sparse melodies.

After a breakthrough debut album, more than three full North American tours in one year a tour with Zero 7 and major TV performances, Jose Gonzalez returned with his second album "In Our Nature".

This sees Jose Gonzalez coming into his own as a songwriter - with songs that are as instantly accessible as they are brimming with darkness and brooding intensity.


1. How Low
2. Down the Line
3. Killing for Love
4. In Our Nature
5. Teardrop
6. Abram
7. Time to Send Someone Away
8. The Nest
9. Fold
10. Cycling Trivialities

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 'Dirty Pink' vinyl.