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José González - Veneer LP

José González - Veneer LP

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Limited vinyl reissue of the debut Jose Gonzalez album.

Twenty-six-year-old Gothenburg resident Jose Gonzalez makes a little go a long way. Armed with just a dextrously plucked Spanish guitar and his own warm but clipped vocals he paints intimate portraits that sound like classics from a golden singer / songwriting yesteryear.

Of Argentinean descent, Jose Gonzalez counts bossa nova and Joy Division among his influences, and sure enough, stately, quietly expansive songs like Heartbeats and Hints are equal parts Latin passion and gothic introspection. The lilting Stay in the Shade, meanwhile, sounds like a luminous Nick Drake outtake. No mean achievement.


1. Slow Moves
2. Remain
3. Lovestain
4. Heartbeats
5. Crosses
6. Deadweight on Velveteen
7. All You Deliver
8. Stay in the Shade
9. Hints
10. Save Your Day
11. Broken Arrows

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 'Dirty Pink' vinyl.