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Paul Leary - Born Stupid LP

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Paul Leary issued his debut solo album "The History Of Dogs" in 1991. And now, thirty years later he’s releasing the follow up "Born Stupid". Leary is best known as guitarist/vocalist for the infamous psychedelic noise rock band Butthole Surfers.

Musically, "Born Stupid" largely steps away from the atomic punk energy and fuzzed-out metal riffing that defined the Butthole Surfers’ sound. Instead, Leary has crafted an equally compelling soundscape filled with carnival sideshow calliopes, spaghetti western guitar motifs, and off-kilter German beer hall waltzes. But where the Butthole Surfers’ work was often squarely focused on the manipulation of sounds and textures, "Born Stupid" is heavily rooted in the craft of song, and the record’s finely structured musical landscapes work to support the stories being sung.


1. Born Stupid
2. Do You Like to Eat a Cow
3. Sugar is the Gateway Drug
4. What Are You Gonna Do
5. The Shah Revisited
6. Mohawk Town
7. Throw Away Freely
8. Gold Cap
9. Gary Floyd Revisited
10. The Adventures of Pee Pee the Sailor

About this product: this is the 'Gratuitous Red' vinyl, limited pressing of 1000 copies.