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Part Chimp - Drool LP

Part Chimp - Drool LP

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In the psychic wastelands of the 21st century, one particular sonic force looms large. Transcendental like the malignant force that fuels the zombie movies of lore, Part Chimp have made it their business to shake speaker-stacks, fry brains and induce jouissance and tinnitus alike all across the UK.

Yet now "Drool" - their fifth and perhaps finest transmission to date - launches forth triumphantly to a world beyond the vinyl racks and battered amps where they’ve already achieved godhead status.

Guitarist and vocalist Tim Cedar sums up the raison d’être of Chimp as “the stupid amounts of fun you can have with very loud amps, stupid tunings, weird pedals and weird people. That inspires us. I think our joy at playing our tunes comes through the panic and chaos.“ Echoes of their forebears - the ornery prehistoric lurch of Melvins and the droogy ur-clang of Sonic Youth among them - can be distantly discerned.

Yet they’re now drowned out by an individual assault as pulverising as invigorating, nihilistic yet life-affirming. Smash together abandon and intent, and what you get is "Drool" - a fearsome testimony to a band with a skewed melodic skill to match their mighty potency. This band will demolish your house, but you’ll cheerfully thank them for it afterwards.

"Drool" is where unwise decisions blossom into serendipity.


1. Back from the Dead
2. Wallow
3. One in the Eye
4. Clever
5. I Feel Fantastic
6. Drool
7. Up, with Notes
8. No Sad Faces
9. Dirty Birdy
10. It's True Man
11. ISisA
12. Worm

About this product: this is pressed on 'Crystal Clear' vinyl.