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Ocean Wisdom - Stay Sane LP

Ocean Wisdom - Stay Sane LP

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"Stay Sane" is the hotly-anticipated new album from London based artist Ocean Wisdom. Widely considered to be one the most technical rappers alive, his first release from the album campaign Drilly Rucksack is a stellar offering, showcasing Ocean’s rapid-fire flow as he takes on political themes relevant in Britain today.

Given the name Ocean Wisdom at birth, Ocean grew up immersed in hop-hop and reggae and began beatboxing aged seven. His homelife was what he describes as ‘hectic’, as his mum worked as an emergency foster carer. Years of writing lyrics and practicing followed and his uncompromising work ethic drove him to leave home at 17 and start working on his craft daily, never missing a single day. He used his passion for music as a way of channelling his anger and controlling his mental health, in addition to avoiding the fate of some of his friends.

His meticulous attention to detail and hardwork paid off and over the past 5 years has seen Ocean’s meteoric rise lead to a quarter billion streams across all platforms and collaborations with legendary artists including Method Man, Dizzee Rascal, Fatboy Slim, Akala, Roots Manuva, Ghetts and Foreign Beggars.

Famed for his technical abilities, Ocean broke numerous records at a young age, including beating the standing Guinness World Record for most words per minute in a hit song, dethroning Eminem’s Rap God. He remains one of the few UK rappers that can tour worldwide, headlining arenas across Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Russia and the Middle East.

Since then he has gone on to set up his own label to release his music as well as building his own studio and creating a platform for future artists to thrive.


1. Gruesome Crime
2. Uneven Lives [feat. Maverick Sabre]
3. Mondeo [feat. Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn]
4. Burna Boy
5. Drilly Rucksack
6. Shorty Gud
7. Racists [feat. Novelist]
8. Good Girl
9. Dragons [feat. Kojey Radical]
10. Open the Melon
11. Don't Speak
12. Hop Out [feat. Tim Vocals]
13. Achey Bones
14. Can't Breathe Either

About this product: this is pressed on translucent red vinyl.