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Normal Man - City Livin' LP

Normal Man - City Livin' LP

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Imagine if Black Flag had written "My War" in a flat above Cash Converters in Halifax in latter day 2018, their only outside influence being a warped copy of "Holy Diver", a half-broken Sega Megadrive from downstairs and a steady diet of cheap Albanian gak and White Lightning.

Imagine that, then put Normal Man on instead.

These masters lurch and swagger like later Groinoids/early Kilslug fronted by Danzig with a nasty spice habit.

Noah's nihilistic, sarcastic tirades hold a filthy mirror up to the desperate emptiness of modern "City Livin'". You’re not ready for this but it's what you deserve. This is your new favourite band. 


1. I Drink Piss
2. Eat Shit and Die
3. Don't Bother Crying
4. I Will Let You Wank Soon
5. Arm the U.K.
6. The Party Men
7. Impaled on a Spike
8. Get Big, Do Some Weights
9. New Ways to Go Mad
10. Acid in Jail
11. Is There Anything Wrong with You?

About this product: this is pressed on black vinyl and comes with a double-sided A4 insert.