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Nathan Salsburg - Psalms CD

Nathan Salsburg - Psalms CD

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"Psalms" is a collection of new arrangement of Biblical psalms, sung in Hebrew by Salsburg with a backing band which includes Joan Shelley, Will Oldham, James Elkington and Spencer Tweedy.

Salsburg, an archivist with the Alan Lomax Archive, says the project came of "a desire for some kind of rigorous and creative Jewish engagement, which came to take shape in the irregular practice of opening a bilingual Book of Psalms at random, scanning the English of a particular chapter for passages that resonated conceptually and emotionally, and scanned rhythmically. Copying those selections over to a separate page, then threading them into new melodies."


1. Psalm 147
2. Psalm 19
3. Psalm 47
4. Psalm 90
5. Psalm 33
6. Eili, Eili (Zehavi) + Psalm 42
7. Psalm 104
8. O You Who Sleep (Halevi) + Psalm 96
9. Psalm 111

About this product: this CD comes in a gatefold digipak.