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Endless Boogie ‎- Vol I, II LP

Endless Boogie ‎- Vol I, II LP

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The following is text from the cover:

"Both albums originally released in 2005. Recorded at Stanton Attorney. Two mics straight into a cassette deck. Jesper Eklow, Paul Major, Chris Gray, Mark O. Matt and Spencer Sweeney play on "Style of Jamboree". Prepared for reissue by Jesper Eklow and Maggie Lyn. Photograph by Jesper."


1. Outside of My Mind
2. Dirty Angel
3. Stanton Karma
4. Came Wide, Game Finish
5. Style of Jamboree
6. Morning Line Dirt

About this product: this is the 'Black and White Split' vinyl pressing, limited to 452 copies, with stereo sound.