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New Order - Republic LP

New Order - Republic LP

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"Republic" is the sixth studio album by New Order. Released in 1993 by London Records, it is their first album released after the demise of Factory Records.

Pulling back slightly from the raw, dance-oriented "Technique", New Order took a break for four years and then crafted another slice of prime guitar pop. In keeping with previous work, "Republic" simply borrows elements of contemporary innovations in club music to frame a set of effortlessly enjoyable alternative pop songs.

As on "Technique", the singles (World, Spooky) are the most danceable on the record, while lyrical concerns are among the most direct of the group's career, including Ruined in a Day and Times Change, sure signs of the demise of Factory Records.


1. Regret
2. World
3. Ruined in a Day
4. Spooky
5. Everyone Everywhere
6. Young Offender
7. Liar
8. Chemical
9. Times Change
10. Special
11. Avalanche

About this product: this remaster/reissue is pressed on 180g black vinyl, includes a printed inner sleeve and a download code.