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Neu! ‎– Neu! 2 LP

Neu! ‎– Neu! 2 LP

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What strikes the listener most about "Neu! 2" is the sheer enjoyment these aural visionaries were deriving from their conveyor-belt grooves: ecstatic yelps of ecstasy sometimes obliterating the percussive din, keyboardist Michael Rother thumping his guitar.

By simply slowing down and speeding up different tracks, they create totally different feelings and totally different songs. Super 16 and Super are polar opposites, 16 is slow and druggy and sounds like the monster under your bed, plain Super is intense and punkish.

The modern concept of the remix starts here (plus the rest of the songs are beyond excellent, as it goes without saying for Neu!), while the other two are most listenable, this is the Neu! you cannot live without a minute longer.


1. Für Immer (Forever)
2. Spitzenqualität
3. Gedenkminute (Für A + K)
4. Lila Engel (Lilac Angel)
5. Neuschnee 78
6. Super 16
7. Neuschnee
8. Cassetto
9. Super 78
10. Hallo Excentrico!
11. Super

About this product: this reissue is pressed on white vinyl, housed in a gatefold jacket.