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Various Artists ‎- Monster Skies LP

Various Artists ‎- Monster Skies LP

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The debut release from a collaborative imprint between the Australian label Dual Planet and UK label Finders Keepers.

Together they present 14 rare, unravelled and previously unreleased mutant strains of 60s/70's/80's vintage voltage pop, electronic rock, malformed tape-music and zombified funk-punk resurrected from the lost vaults, damp cellars and dark corners of an alternative musical universe explored by two of the most studious vinyl labels from either side of the pear-shaped planet.

A lost pop cultural exchange showcasing an ongoing collaboration of enthusiastic and likeminded detective labels literally spanning the entire length and width of the globe.


1. Mind Script Vacation Permit [Clone]
2. Shrinking Particles [Suzanne Ciani]
3. Mutazione [Teisco]
4. Monster Planet (Andy Votel Edit) [Steven Maxwell Von Braund]
5. Studie 2 [Lucien Goethals]
6. The Ghouls [Don Harper] 
7. Bizarre Cult 2 [Philippe D'Aram] 
8. Zombie [Andrzej Korzynski] 
9. Abstractum [Val Stephen] 
10. Hallowe'en 1976 (Edit) [Clone] 
11. The Laboratory 2 [The Ultra Sonic Perception]
12. The Living Dead [X Ray Pop]
13. Flight Of The Raven [Emerald Web] 
14. Muzak To Moralise By [Ian MacFarlane]

About this product: this is a secondhand compilation record.

Both the vinyl and sleeve are in Very Good (Plus) condition.