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Torres - Thirstier CD/LP

Torres - Thirstier CD/LP

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Torres’ fifth album "Thirstier" pumps the miraculous into the mundane. It is in open revolt against the gray drag of time, a searing and life-affirming eruption of an album that wonders what could happen if we found a way to make our fantasies inexhaustible. What if we got whatever we wanted and still wanted it, endlessly, with no threat of boredom and no danger of depletion? What could we become if we let ourselves grow incandescent with eternally renewing desire?

Recorded in the fall of 2020 at Middle Farm Studios in Devon, UK, "Thirstier" marks a turn towards a bigger, more bombastic sound for Torres. The anxious hush that fell over much of Scott’s previous music gets turned inside-out in songs tailored for post-plague celebration. Scott co-produced the album with Rob Ellis and Peter Miles, drawing on her experience self-producing the acclaimed 2020 LP "Silver Tongue" to push her music onto an even broader scale. Guitar-driven walls of sound, reminiscent of producer Butch Vig’s work with Garbage and Nirvana, surge and dissipate like surf in high winds, carrying Scott’s commanding voice to the fore.

From the sparkling country romp of Don’t Go Puttin Wishes in My Head to the sour grunge bite of Keep the Devil Out and the unabashed, overflowing devotion of the album’s title track, "Thirstier" clasps together love songs from all angles. Romantic love, platonic love, familial love, self-love and freeing spiritual love all commingle, all feeding one another.


1. Are You Sleepwalking?
2. Don't Go Puttin Wishes in My Head
3. Constant Tomorrowland
4. Drive Me
5. Big Leap
6. Hug from a Dinosaur
7. Thirstier
8. Kiss the Corners
9. Hand in the Air
10. Keep the Devil Out

About this product: this is available on CD and LP formats.

The CD comes with a 16-page booklet.

The LP is pressed on 'Spiked' vinyl (yellow with a red bleeding effect). Includes a download code.