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Hiss Golden Messenger - Quietly Blowing It LP

Hiss Golden Messenger - Quietly Blowing It LP

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'I went looking for peace,' says songwriter M.C. Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger about his new album "Quietly Blowing It". 'It’s not exactly a record about the state of the world or my world in 2020, but more a retrospective of the past five years of my life, painted in sort of impressionistic hues. Maybe I had the presence of mind when I was writing Quietly Blowing It to know that this was the time to go as deep as I needed to in order to make a record like this. And I got the time required in order to do that.'

"Quietly Blowing It" was written and arranged by Taylor in his home studio his 8’×10’ sanctuary packed floor to ceiling with books, records, and old guitars as he watched the chaotic world spin outside his window. 'Writing became a daily routine,' he explains, 'and that was a ballast for me. Having spent so much time on the road over the past ten years, where writing consistently with any kind of flow can be tricky, it felt refreshing. And being in my studio, which is both isolated from and totally connected to the life of my family, felt appropriate for these songs.'

Between March and June, Taylor wrote and recorded upwards of two dozen songs in most cases playing all of the instruments himself before winnowing the collection down and bringing them to the Hiss band. In July, the group of musicians, with Taylor in the production seat, went into Overdub Lane in Durham, NC, for a week, where they recorded "Quietly Blowing" It as an organic unit honed to a fine edge from their years together on the road.


1. Way Back in the Way Back
2. The Great Mystifier
3. Mighty Dollar
4. Quietly Blowing It
5. It Will If We Let It
6. Hardlytown
7. If It Comes in the Morning
8. Glory Strums (Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner)
9. Painting Houses
10. Angels in the Headlights
11. Sanctuary

About this product: this is pressed on metallic blue vinyl, comes with a newsprint poster and a download code.