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Fruit Bats - The Pet Parade LP

Fruit Bats - The Pet Parade LP

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The latest from the prolific Eric D. Johnson is a gorgeously gauzy collection of folk/pop earworms indebted as much to the jangle of Byrds and the Kinks, as it is the slick, troubled yacht rock of the 80s.

Not quite Sunshine Pop, but more like 'Overcast Pop'. Johnson (who has played in The Shins, composed film scores & most recently, earned two Grammy nominations with his other band Bonny Light Horseman) recorded the album remotely with BLH bandmate Josh Kaufman (also of Muzz & worked on Taylor's Swift's latest record). Also featured are collaborators from acts as vast as Califone, Iron & Wine, Fleet Foxes, The Walkmen and more.


1. The Pet Parade
2. Cub Pilot
3. Discovering
4. The Balcony
5. Here for Now, for You
6. On the Avalon Stairs
7. Eagles Below Us
8. Holy Rose
9. All in One Go
10. Gullwing Doors
11. Complete

About this product: this is pressed on red and black swirl vinyl and comes with a card inner sleeve with lyrics. Includes download code.