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Various Artists - The Original Sound Of Burkina Faso 2LP

Various Artists - The Original Sound Of Burkina Faso 2LP

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Burkina Faso may be one of the least well-known parts of West Africa but it has a deep history and musical pedigree. A few years before President Thomas Sankara changed his country’s name from Upper Volta to its current one, a new sound emerged to soundtrack a cultural revolution.

Featuring music by Abdoulaye Cisse, Amadou Balake, Pierre Sandwidi & Super Volta, Tidiani Coulibaly & Dafra Star, Bozambo, Youssouf Diarra and more.


1. Jeunesse Wilila [Abdoulaye Cissé]
2. Tieba Lou Tounouna [Abdoulaye Cissé]
3. Kombissé [Bozambo]
4. Whisky et Coca-Cola [Amadou Balaké]
5. M’ba Lalé [John Oumar Nabollé]
6. Boy Cuisinier [Pierre Sandwidi]
7. Sie Koumgolo [Tidiani Coulibaly & Dafra Star]
8. Super Bar Konon Mousso [Amadou Balaké]
9. Pop Kondé [Mangue Kondé et Les 5 Consuls]
10. Djanfa Magni [Youssouf Diarra (dit El Grand Ballaké)]
11. Wayisjelequeyele [Amadou Balaké]
12. Aminata Du Thé [Amadou Balaké]
13. A Son Magni [Abdoulaye Cissé & Super Volta] 

About this product: this is a limited edition reissue on 2x green vinyl.