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The Maytals - Monkey Man LP

The Maytals - Monkey Man LP

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The Jamaican musical group The Maytals can be considered as one of the best known and most important ska and rocksteady groups of all time.

Frontman Toots Hibbert penned an impressive catalogue of songs during his time in jail, and after his release he reunited with his bandmates and entered the studio with the brilliant producer Leslie Kong. Some of the great tracks he recorded during that time are included on this record, like Monkey Man (covered by the legendary Amy Winehouse) and Pressure Drop.

The quality and great energy of this band is very well represented on this release.


1. Peeping Tom
2. Revival Reggae
3. Give Peace a Chance [Plastic Ono Band cover]
4. God and Silver
5. The Preacher
6. Bla Bla Bla
7. African Doctor
8. Sun Moon and Star
9. She's My Scorcher
10. Monkey Man
11. Pressure Drop
12. I Shall be Free

About this product: this is a remaster/repress on 180g audiophile-mastered black vinyl.