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Green Druid - At The Maw Of Ruin CD

Green Druid - At The Maw Of Ruin CD

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Crushing Psychedelic Doom ordained at the hallowed altars of Electric Wizard, Sleep… isolationist, cinematic and devastating.

With weighty riffs summoning the Lovecraftian horrors of the cosmos, their music enters listeners’ ears with tales of the Old Blood and of dismal worlds too soon forgotten. Hailing from the land of Denver, Colorado - the first US city to legalise marijuana - Green Druid worships at the feet of the monolithic amplifier, and performs holy communion with the onslaught of murky tones that emanate from its maw.

Following up to 2018’s critically acclaimed "Ashen Blood", Green Druid emerge once more with profound new sounds and a heavy message: “In order to cleanse the rot from our planet, we as a species need to stop thinking so inward and have a ‘death of self’. In summary, now is not the time for complacency. It’s the time for action, and as the band knows all too well - make enough noise, and people will listen.”


1. The Forest Dark
2. End of Men
3. Haunted Memories
4. A Throne Abandoned
5. Desert of Fury / Ocean of Despair
6. Threads

About this product: this comes in a digipack.