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Moon Goose - La Nuit CD/LP

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"At last we can share with you our third album, entitled La Nuit, which we began working on during dark Covid times.

"This LP features 8 tracks of musical weirdness and we have tried really hard to channel the goose in each one of us and let them express their feelings.

"This is also our first collaboration with (tangible) Leon West and we're very excited about the result." - Moon Goose


1. Electrolene
2. The Sex Bots Trilogy
3. Lemon Cursed (Somnambulism)
4. Empirium
5. Urban Farmhand
6. The Light Fried the Vicar's Brain
7. Tweakshy
8. Great Halls of Broken Tools

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats.

The CD is housed in a digipack (no shrinkwrap).

The LP is pressed on red vinyl. Includes a poster, a sticker and a download code.