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Mœbius & Plank - Rastakraut Pasta LP

Mœbius & Plank - Rastakraut Pasta LP

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Dieter Moebius and Conny Plank got to know each other through their work on Cluster's 1971 album and remained close friends until Plank's death in 1987. They made a congenial pair as musicians, as amply demonstrated by their brace of albums "Rastakraut Pasta" (1980) and "Material" (1981).

On "Rastakraut Pasta", drums, electric guitars and bass are the cornerstones of every track; they provide the framework to which moebius adds fresh colour and life with his synthesizers. thanks to the technical merits of plank's studio, the keyboards sound barely distinguishable from one another. No samples, strictly analogue from start to finish.

Holger Czukay (Can) plays bass on three pieces and his consummate professionalism sees his virtuosity finely tuned to the concept of Moebius and Plank. Moebius has a predilection for surrealist cascades of noise, heard throughout the album, grotesque yet playful.

An enigmatic form of pop music came into being on this LP, a breakneck, elegant mix of diverse elements: a touch of krautrock, some avant-garde pop, new German electronica, even sporadic echoes of reggae.


1. News
2. Rastakraut Pasta
3. Feedback 66
4. Missi Cacadou
5. Two Oldtimers
6. Solar Plexus
7. Landebahn

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 180g black vinyl.