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Madness - The Rise & Fall LP

Madness - The Rise & Fall LP

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"The Rise & Fall" is Madness's fourth album and, arguably, their magnum opus.

Following the magnificent ska-pop of their debut, "One Step Beyond", and the developmental pop majesty of "Absolutely" and "7", "The Rise & Fall" shows a band at the very height of their songwriting powers; their maturity and depth of subject matter second to none among their peers.

Containing the brilliant smash hit single Our House - a fantastically poignant and uplifting anthem about Chas Smash's childhood home - and the simultaneously melancholic and upbeat Tomorrow's (Just Another Day).


1. Rise and Fall
2. Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)
3. Blue Skinned Beast
4. Primrose Hill
5. Mr. Speaker (Gets the Word)
6. Sunday Morning
7. Our House
8. Tiptoes
9. New Delhi
10. That Face
11. Calling Cards
12. Are You Coming (With Me)
13. Madness (is All in the Mind)

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 180g black vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve.