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Manchester Orchestra - The Million Masks of God CD/LP

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Manchester Orchestra’s sixth album "The Million Masks of God" via Loma Vista Recordings showcases the strength and boundary-pushing invention of Manchester Orchestra’s consistently impressive catalogue.

The album is a testament to the kinship of the band’s songwriting duo, Andy Hull and Robert McDowell; a bond that enabled them to take a deeply personal experience and turn it into limitless, compassionate, communal, revelatory art.

“There’s a decision we’re faced with when experiencing loss and the inevitable grief that follows. Do we let it sink us? Try to ignore it and pretend it’s not there? Or do we search and dig until we find signs of beauty in life and all of its experiences? In a way, the grief will always define you, but being together and creating something meaningful from all of the hardships has been the most helpful tool I’ve found,” says Hull. “Making this record reiterated to us that there are no rules and there is no ceiling. It convinced us to be ambitious and take our time in order to create something really special. I’m more proud of this record than anything we’ve ever done.”


1. Inaudible
2. Angel of Death
3. Keel Timing
4. Bed Head
5. Annie
6. Telepath
7. Let It Storm
8. Dinosaur
9. How You Got Her
10. Way Back
11. The Internet

About this product: this is available on CD and LP formats.

The LP is the limited deluxe edition on pink vinyl