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Meg Baird And Mary Lattimore - Ghost Forests LP

Meg Baird And Mary Lattimore - Ghost Forests LP

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"Ghost Forests" musical conversations between Meg Baird (Espers) and Mary Lattmore are intimate, fluid, effortless and spontaneous. They’re filled with the euphoria of creation and, at times, they articulate hard truths and tangled emotions with an ease only trusted friends can manage.

The songs alternate between extended ethereal instrumental excursions, gauzy and dreamy pop, blown-out Bull of the Woods heavy haze, and modern re-imaginations of epic traditional balladry all while touching on the strange and otherworldly places between these stations.


1. Between Two Worlds
2. Damaged Sunset
3. In Cedars
4. Blue Burning
5. Painter of Tygers
6. Fair Annie

About this product: this release is pressed on green vinyl.