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Michael Rother - Katzenmuzik LP - Tangled Parrot

Michael Rother - Katzenmuzik LP

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"Katzenmusik" marked the third and final collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Michael Rother and producer Conny Planck, as well drummer Jaki Leibezeit, on loan from the group Can.

Essentially a suite in two parts, this remains Rother's opus.

It's an enchanting, entrancing, swirl of colours and simply pronounced melodies that's at once powerfully majestic and aesthetically sublime. Rother's multi-tracked guitars ring from the plaintive to the screaming in the upper registers, layered around four different five-note melodies that recur either as single string statements triple-track or stark chords supporting them.


1. Katzenmusik 1
2. Katzenmusik 2
3. Katzenmusik 3
4. Katzenmusik 4
5. Katzenmusik 5
6. Katzenmusik 6
7. Katzenmusik 7
8. Katzenmusik 8
9. Katzenmusik 9
10. Katzenmusik 10
11. Katzenmusik 11
12. Katzenmusik 12

About this product: this is a remaster/reissue.