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Hilton Felton - A Man For All Reasons LP

Hilton Felton - A Man For All Reasons LP

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Hilton Felton was a jazz organ player from Norfolk, Viriginia.

"A Man For All Reasons" is his signature album from 1980, now impossible to find on LP vinyl. It includes the 'rare groove' jazz funk dancer Be-Bop Boogie, recorded at the same studio as Gil Scott-Heron's The Bottle.

This limited edition, individually numbered issue is in the original sleeve - original copies from its year of release now fetch for over £200.


1. A Man for All Reasons
2. Blues for a Weary Man
3. Tell Her Love Has Felt the Need
4. Bee Bop Boogie
5. Love's Losers
6. The Light of Mankind

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '21 reissue on black vinyl, each copy is individually numbered.