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Roky Erickson - The Evil One 2LP

Roky Erickson - The Evil One 2LP

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Originally released in the UK as the 10 song album "Five Symbols" in 1980 and as "The Evil One" in 1981 (with 5 songs replaced), this definitive album gathers all 15 songs from the Stu Cook (Creedence Clearwater Revival) late 1977-79 produced sessions.

Though it was produced at a time when Roky was struggling to cope with drugs and life on the outside, he hit form on his first post-13th Floor Elevators album, 1981's "The Evil One". It's a masterful collection of songs about zombies, demons, vampires and, yes, even the Creature With The Atom Brain. These tracks, inspired by schlock sci-fi and horror movies and coloured by Roky's distinctive, high-pitched vocal and squealing guitar, are among the maverick performer's best.


1. Two Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer)
2. I Think of Demons
3. I Walked with a Zombie
4. Don't Shake Me Lucifer
5. Night of the Vampire
6. White Face
7. Cold Night for Alligators
8. Creature with the Atom Brain
9. Mine Mine Mind
10. Stand for the Fire Demon
11. If You Have Ghosts
12. Sputnik
13. The Wind and More
14. Bloody Hammer
15. Click Your Fingers Applauding the Play

About this product: this remaster/reissue is pressed on 2x 'Hazy Purple' vinyl (side D features etched artwork), housed in a gatefold sleeve with an obi strip. Includes a 20-page book-deep liner notes by Joe Nick Patoski and