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Lee Perry / VA - Africa's Blood LP

Lee Perry / VA - Africa's Blood LP

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Upon release in 1971, "Africa’s Blood" was the first record Lee 'Scratch' Perry released under his own name, although his band The Upsetters do appear on most of the tracks. 

If any album serves as a good peak into what was happening in Jamaican music in the early 70s, "Africa’s Blood" is the way to go.

There’s an undeniable influence from American contemporary R&B, but still Perry’s signature dub and reggae fusion shines through.


1. Do Your Thing [Dave Barker]
2. Dream Land [The Upsetters]
3. Long Sentence [The Upsetters]
4. Not Guilty [The Upsetters]
5. Cool and Easy [The Upsetters]
6. Well Dread Version 3 [Addis Ababa Children]
7. My Girl [The Upsetters]
8. Saw Dust [The Upsetters]
9. Place Called Africa Version 3 [Winston Prince]
10. Isn't It Wrong [The Hurricanes]
11. Go Slow [The Upsetters]
12. Bad Luck [The Upsetters]
13. Move Me [The Upsetters]
14. Surplus [The Upsetters]

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 180g black vinyl.