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Goat - Medicine CD/LP

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It is hard to know how many times the mythology and mystery of Goat’s backstory can be written about, but new release "Medicine" does away with any need to dwell on the past, returning with a more introspective, slightly mellower psych-folk sound that remains recognisably them.

There is a consistently restrained, warm feel across the whole work, and the band suggest that the overall theme of the album is about “the impermanence of life in different ways: sickness, relationships, love, death and how our time is finite”.


1. Impermanence & Death
2. Raised by Hills
3. I Became the Unemployment Office
5. Vakna
6. You'll Be Alright
7. Join the Resistance
8. Tripping in the Graveyard

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats.

The LP is pressed on 'Frosted Clear' w/ Purple Splatter vinyl.