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L7 - Best Of The Slash Years LP

L7 - Best Of The Slash Years LP

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Not many groups rock harder than L7. Their 1992 album "Bricks Are Heavy", produced by Butch Vig, was featured in Rolling Stone's 1999 list of 'Essential Recordings of the 1990s, while their 1992 single, Pretend We're Dead, spent 13 weeks on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart, reaching a high of number 8, as well as number 21 in the UK Singles Chart.

This compilation comprises L7's greatest hits released on Slash Records.


1. Pretend We're Dead
2. Mr. Integrity
3. Monster
4. Everglade
5. Andres
6. Fuel My Fire
7. Freak Magnet
8. Can I Run
9. Bad Things
10. Off the Wagon
11. Moonshine
12. Bitter Wine

About this product: this release is pressed on 180g 'Green Slime' vinyl. Machine-numbered out of 3,490.