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Various Artists - Rocksteady: Taking Over Orange Street LP

Various Artists - Rocksteady: Taking Over Orange Street LP

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Rocksteady took over Orange Street, Kingston, Jamaica around 1966, the same time that an extreme heat wave hit the Jamaican Island. Some say the previous jerky Ska Rhythms proved too strenuous of an activity to partake in during the all night Sound Systems. So it proved a winning formula to slow the beat down to a more leisurely pace.

Whatever the reasons were, this two year period that ran until 1968 would see some of the power escape from the big three producers, Clement 'Coxonne 'Dodd, Prince Buster and Duke Reid... who up to that period ruled the airwaves. It was time to make room for a new wave of up and coming producers that also had something to offer the people. So sit back and enjoy some Rocksteady straight from the dances of Jamaica.

It features Roy Shirley, Glen Adams, Uniques, Lester Sterling, etc.

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl.