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Skatalites - Treasure Isle Time LP

Skatalites - Treasure Isle Time LP

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The time span of the Skatilites career considering their output of hundreds of tunes was a relatively short one of around two years. The line up consisted of Don Drummond (trombone), Roland Alphonso (tenor saxophone), Tommy Mccook (tenor saxophone), Johnny 'dizzy' Moore (trumpet), Lester Sterling (alto saxophone), Jerome 'jah jerry' Hines (guitar), Jackie Mittoo (piano), Lloyd bBevett (bass), and Lloyd Knibbs (drums).

Kingston Sounds have caught a great set of tunes that the band cut at the legendary Treasure Isle Studios, built out of wood and positioned above Duke Reids liquour store, it somehow worked in getting a great sound out of the band or maybe it was in intimidating sight of Duke Reid and his ever present loaded gun that he carried at all times that provided some inspiration.

Whatever the reasons, the band cut some mighty fine tunes of which Kingston Sounds have cherry picked a selection for your musical pleasure. Enjoy the set.


1. Alley Cat
2. Cool Smoker
3. Street Corner
4. Mesopotamia
5. Magnificent Ska
6. Storm Warning
7. Nuclear Weapon
8. Stampede
9. Ali Pang
10. Burning Torch
11. Musical Communion
12. Cool Shade
13. Thoroughfare
14. Green Island

About this product: this is pressed on black vinyl.