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Lunar Vacation - Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp LP

Lunar Vacation - Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp LP

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Lunar Vacation with their highly anticipated debut album "Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp" on Keeled Scales.

Throughout the album, this band boasts a celebratory sound, a reckless sense of ecstasy specific to fluid youth and rock solid friendship. In spite of life’s bits that inspire these songs — some darker than others — Repasky, Geeslin, DeLurgio and Dowd reliably find the light in the thing.

Drawing from early influences like Rilo Kiley and Tame Impala, and landing a little closer to contemporary favourites like Alvvays and Slow Pulp, Lunar Vacation make bright music replete with bliss.


1. Purple Dreams No.4
2. Peddler
3. Shrug
4. Where is Everyone?
5. Making Lunch (Not Right Now)
6. Cutting Corners
7. The Waiting Game
8. Mold
9. Gears
10. Anemone
11. But Maybe

About this product: this release is pressed on 'Orange Cream' vinyl.