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Dos - Justamente Tres LP

Dos - Justamente Tres LP

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Sophomore album from legendary bass players Kira Roessler (Black Flag) and Mike Watt (Minute Men, Firehose, Stooges).


1. Down in the Dumps
2. Dream of San Pedro
3. Imagine That
4. Intense Song for Madonna
5. 'Til the Blood Ran
6. Sidemouse Advice
7. Excerpts from a Captain's Log
8. To Each His Dulcinea
9. Powerful Hankerin'
10. Little Doll
11. Willow Weep for Me
12. Even the Pain Has Changed
13. Formal Introduction
14. Angel Face is the Devil's Daughter
15. Number Seven
16. Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth?
17. Number Five

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '21 reissue on teal vinyl. Includes a download code.