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Fela Kuti - Shakara LP+7"

Fela Kuti - Shakara LP+7"

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"Shakara" (from 1972) is a two-track release of 13-minute songs that showcase Fela’s satirical side.

Lady, perhaps one of Fela’s most popular tracks, criticizes Westernized African women who he felt had been corrupted by their embrace of the new feminist movement of the time. Shakara is a mainly instrumental track with a brief lyric sung in Yoruba, warning against boasters and braggarts.

Uptempo, with a suitably turbulent horn arrangement, it includes strong solos from Fela on keyboards and the fearsome Igo Chico on tenor saxophone.


1. Lady
2. Sakara Olojie

About this product: this is the 50th Anniversary Edition on pink vinyl, including a bonus 7" on yellow vinyl.