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Keith And Tex - Redux LP

Keith And Tex - Redux LP

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If you are looking for nostalgia and rocksteady at its finest, all in one package, then this vinyl by Keith and Tex offers a good blend of both.

Born in the rocksteady era, Keith and Tex made their mark with a slew of hits and classics that have lasted over 50 years. From their haunting rendition of Hypnotic Eyes to the iconic guitar intro and solo of Lynn Taitt on Stop That Train, you are treated to a unique style that still lives on after five decades.

Since 1967 many of their songs have enjoyed great success and continue to be played and sung by a new generation of rocksteady lovers. This duo has a style that still seems surprisingly engaging and refreshingly innocent. So lean back, turn up the stereo or plug in the earphones, and enjoy!

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl.