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Various Artists - Doré Northern Soul 2LP

Various Artists - Doré Northern Soul 2LP

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1. Gone With the Wind is My Love [Rita & The Tiaras]
2. I'm Givin' You Notice Baby [The Fidels]
3. Oh How I Love You [Little Johnny Hamilton & The Creators]
4. What Did You Gain by That? [Kenard]
5. Your Ship of Fools [Ray Marchand]
6. Wind in My Sails [The Superbs]
7. My Lonely Feeling [Milton James]
8. Gettin' Back Into Circulation [The Entertainers IV]
9. I Wanna Do it with You Baby [The Superbs]
10. Do the Skin [Kenard Gardner]
11. I Only Cry Once a Day Now [The Puffs] 
12. Nitty Gritty City [The Swans]
13. Why Does it Feel So Right (Doing Wrong) [The Shades Of Jade]
14. Keep on Moving [Little Johnny Hamilton]

About this product: limited to 1,000 copies with bonus 7" single and a download code.